notes on VLA 2009 Annual Conference

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2009 VLA Annual Conference:

“Libraries: Foundations and Fundamentals in times of Challenge and Change”

October 29-30, 2009

Williamsburg, VA

October 29th, 2009 @ 1:15pm

Broadcasting Business Information: Library Instruction for 500

Jason Sokoloff and Kathy Clarke, James Madison University

  • Before start of program, presenters went around room getting introductions from attendees and welcoming
  • Looking for targeted, early-major, research-heavy courses
  • Subject guides
    • Didn’t use LibGuides but made their own
    • Embedding learning objects and help files
    • Box with librarian picture and “Chat with Jason” and contact info
  • What worked?
    • Instruction sessions
    • Consultations
    • Reference desk
    • Chat
    • Office hours
  • What didn’t work?
    • Open help sessions
    • Blogs
    • Facebook
  • If students don’t show up for consultations, librarian writes note asking what happened. If no response, no second appointment.
  • Strongly encourage groups to get help as a group instead of asking questions individually

October 30th, 2009 @ 8am

Creating SLACers

Olivia Reinauer, University of Richmond

  • VCU also has a student advisory group (CLUAC-Cabell Library Undergraduate Advisory Committee)
  • 2-way communication: feedback from students but student also emissaries into greater student community
  • Started with $100 incentives given at end of year; now $25 in iTunes/Amazon/print credits
  • Must participate in monthly meetings and 3 services (bathroom stall notes, recruiting)
  • Faculty nominate students; maybe later have students apply
  • Composition: 2 staff, 9-12 students, 1 of whom works in the library and is in student government
  • Guest speaker at meetings so other staff can talk with students
  • Results: standing focus group
  • Student group told staff of 1am dance party security guard on duty hadn’t told them about!
  • Students fed at meetings, which take place between 5-6pm
  • End of year report to administration

October 30th, 2009 @ 11:30am

What’s the Focus? Zooming In on Student Needs

Meridith Wolnick and Matt Ball, University of Virginia

  • Library holds 1500 students
  • Phase 1: surveys
  • Phase 2: focus groups
    • Post-it note associations with library
    • Post-it activities on each floor
    • Timeline about process
    • After timeline established, went back to ask questions
      • What were the roadblocks?
      • Where did you go for help?
      • When do they come during their research process?
  • Found that students used both their laptops and library desktops because of instruction sessions
    • Thought that they could only access library resources on library computers
  • Students want:
    • One-stop shop so they don’t have to leave
    • Presence of other academic departments
  • Promote library expertise
    • Possible to make library “looking for this?”?
  • Rebrand “help,” “research,” “reference”
    • Students aren’t doing research, they’re “just looking up information”
  • Roadblocks:
    • Hungry, so need to leave to eat
    • Find help with physics homework, etc.

October 30th, 2009 @ 3:15pm

Library Research Awards: Promoting the Library’s Role in Student Academic Success

Candice Benjes-Small, Radford University

  • Recognize library research done by students
  • Submit paper as well as 200-300 word essay on how library helped student write paper
    • Points for using specific resources such as EBSCO, etc.
    • Letter of support from professor to combat plagiarism
    • Students apply directly rather than have faculty nominate them
  • Publicize:
    • Attend academic departmental meetings (liaisons)
    • Color flyers to faculty for doors, bulletin boards
    • Web site
    • Mass e-mails
    • Library instruction sessions
  • Faculty judges, who have increased information literacy efforts in their classes
  • Award reception
    • RSVPs for all applicants at award reception so winners are there
    • Guest speaker
    • Give exact date and time of reception and publicize widely
  • College marketing office publishes press releases and letters to students who won

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