notes from 3/11/10 BI observation @ local community college

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in preparation for my one-shot instruction section next week (!!!):

  • Use laser pointer!
  • Starts off by describing layout of library: computers upstairs, books downstairs, reference books behind her—these can’t be checked out, and journals/magazines near the library entrance
  • Navigates to JSR library page
    • Guides tab –> Research at J–
      • this is always available, even if you’re working at 2am when the library is closed
    • first tab is for books
      • not many books here, so use Area Libraries tab, which will search all local library collections
        • show how to do
      • ILL link
        • Show how to do
          • max cost $0
          • put as much info as possible so you get the right book/article
  • online search techniques handout
  • databases tab
    • English & literature subject
    • Academic Search Complete will work for most ?s
      • Not Google/comprehensive search
      • use subject field
      • Put names in backwards
      • Use Full-text
        • Show what happens if you don’t
        • Don’t have 90% of LincIT articles
      • Synonyms for great –> influence, importance –> import*
        • Explain truncation
        • Or use handout to explain
      • Open articles; how to save, print
      • How to cite
        • Database citation format is good, but double check
        • Don’t heed EBSCO MLA-style citations
      • Subject headings to find keywords
      • The perfect article that writes your paper won’t necessarily exist; find articles that instead support your arguments
      • Help with search strategy worksheet
  • Difference between databases and Google
    • Wikipedia – Stephen Colbert – African elephants no longer extinct
  • What is plagiarism? (handout)
  • Time at end for sample searches while librarian is there

What’s in a database?
Whiteboard behind teaching station


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