notes on Collections Unbound: VLACRL Spring 2011 Program

May 23, 2011 at 3:43 pm 1 comment

I haven’t posted on here for a while because the semester wound down, I got a week off (yay!), and a new one has since commenced; it is now week 4 (out of 15) of the summer semester. I haven’t done much teaching so far as the first few weeks are spent doing housekeeping like going over the syllabus and creating an APA template (which, unbelievably, takes over an hour!). I did try a new plagiarism activity, though, that I got from one of those Library Instruction books I’ve mentioned. It involves giving each student a newspaper article that discusses how people in various professions (politics, fashion, music) have plagiarized and then gotten called on it, and then having them discuss the article with the class. This didn’t go over as well as I’d hoped–the activity is meant for a larger class; I only had 5 students last Friday, so each student got a different article. It’s also a lot of reading for first-semester students to handle in class; they aren’t quick readers. I’ll try something different when I teach my other section this Thursday.

I did attend a local workshop on patron-driven acquisition and e-book readers, though! I didn’t have much to take notes on since the information, while interesting, was much less applicable to my day job than I was expecting.

Collections Unbound

VLACRL Spring 2011 Program

May 9, 2011

Virginia Commonwealth University

Greg Raschke: “Clay Shirkey, Fantasy Football, and the Future of Library Collections”

• Economics are not sustainable
• Need to lower cost of overall cost
• Supply-side collections
• Print-based , unpredictable demand, and legitimate need for just-in-case
• Demand-driven collections
• Not just PDA, but a portfolio of approaches
• Reducing unit cost – data analysis
• Scope your titles: put enough money in budget
• Time-honored role as custodians of scholarship vs. enabling digital environment for
• Fantasy football: Meets a need, it’s fun

Program slides/materials (scroll down to 2011 ACRL Spring Symposium, May 9, 2011)

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notes on ALA Demystified: How to Be Effective within ALA – Emerging Leaders Webinar a better way to teach about plagiarism

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