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November 1, 2011 at 3:43 pm Leave a comment

Too busy to write a narrative, but here are my notes from the sessions I attended at VLA! I’ll add links to the session presentations once they’re posted on the VLA site.

  • Motivation 101 with Nan Carmack (slides here)
    • Motivation 3.0: doing a task for the love for the task
    • In order to motivate your employees, you need to do 3 things: your motivational strategy must develop, involve, and validate your employees
    • How to involve your staff?
    • Think of things that would motivate you to be more excited about your job
    • Think of things your department could implement that would help motivate
    • No one can make you feel unmotivated without your consent
  • Free Tech Tools for Better Library Instruction by Jennifer Whicker, Kathy Shields, and Amy Pace
    • Use or Mindomo for students to write their sentence, pick out keywords, and write synonyms
    • Jing for annotated screenshots (e,g., for use with virtual reference)
    • for digital corkboard
  • Teens Can Read, But What Comes After the Young Adult Titles (slides here)
    • Display of adult crossover books in YA section

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